Backup Service

Due to overwhelming requests from our clients we are launching a new service to backup your data. This service is specific to your individual needs. Your data is essential and the minute that there is a hardware or software failure – it can spell catastrophe.

This tailored service includes the following items:
  • Backup Planning: What should be backed up and at what intervals items should be backed up
  • Backup Media: How much data is there to backup and what type of media to use (DVD’s, Tapes, etc.)
  • Scheduling and Pickup: We can set a date and time for backups and arrange for your backups to be stored offsite.
  • Online Backups: We are now in the process of offering clients an online backup system. This service allows online backups over the internet.

The cost for this service is done on an individual basis as each backup scenario is different. Please note that this service should be used to compliment your existing backup methods.

CH Corp. has specific guidelines in regards to procedure and upon agreement, certain obligations must be met.

Business Technology Manager