Business Technology Manager

For companies where the current company size doesn't justify a full-time technology position, you can look to CH Corp. to be your own Business Technology Manager. For larger companies, our role is more focused and will supplement your existing technology capabilities.

 In all cases we add stability and continuity to your IT infrastructure.

CH Corp. provides your business with an experienced Business Technology Manager at a fraction of the cost of what a full-time manager would cost. With this service, a small company is able to rely on technology while still maintaining peace of mind for reliable support.

As your Business Technology Manager, CH Corp. will:
  • Implement and support technology strategies
  • Manage daily/weekly/monthly technology tasks
  • Operate a telephone/web help desk
  • Involve internal and external resources in the decision-making process
  • Put forward a plan which implements any agreed upon changes in a cohesive manner
  • Oversee implementation to help ensure any plan's success
This will give you:
  • The most integrated solution possible to support your business
  • Solutions that are designed to adapt as your company continues to grow
  • Reliability that will give you peace of mind
  • A long-term technical plan that supports your company in the future

Budget and Planning Service:

We will work with clients to outline their expenditures for Information Technology. Essentially what we do is setup a budget and guidelines based upon past experiences and assist in reducing your bottom line by doing so. Whether your company has one individual or two-hundred, we can come up with a game plan and a regiment to keep you on target.

Please see our Services section for a wider definition of our support services.

For more information or to discuss how your organization could benefit from our Business Technology Manager Service please Contact Us.

Business Technology Manager